Party Planning Tips and Ideas from Gaston Rentals

When it’s your turn to be the host of the next big party, coming up with a plan can take longer than the event itself! Here are some quick hints and ideas to help make your party-planning a smooth process:

Tip #1 Start the Planning Process Early
The early bird gets the worm! If you know the date of your event, make sure to start the planning process early and prepare everything in advance, including sending out invites. Sending invites early is particularly important during the holiday season, when many people are being invited to social events. Avoid waiting until the last minute, as this can cause undue stress and the inability to enjoy the party with the rest of your guests. If you are considering a company that provides party rentals, call them well in advance to ensure that they have services available on the date that you need.

Tip #2 Set Up Your Party Space
Don’t overlook the flow of your party space. Moving furniture or adding tables and chairs should be considered if you plan to invite many people into a small space. Make sure that there are no major obstacles on the floor that guests will constantly have to move around and that might cause bottlenecks in the space. Move food tables into a corner or pass around trays, and ensure that there are enough garbage cans for waste and napkins to absorb unwanted spills!

Tip #3 Only Clean What Guests Can See
There is no need to clean under the fridge! When planning a house party, just clean the parts of the house that the guests will occupy or see. Close doors to rooms that have not been cleaned and that will not be used, so that guests won’t stray into any unwanted mess. Focus on high-traffic areas only, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and dining and living rooms.

Tip #4 Set the Mood
It’s the little touches that make a party memorable. For intimate dinner parties, consider mood lighting, such as votive candles. For house parties, prepare a killer song list. If you are having a large outdoor party, consult with a company that provides party rentals that can consult on equipment rentals, inflatable bouncer rentals, BBQ grills, and anything else your party needs!