Putting the Grill You Rented from an Equipment Rental Business to Double Use

Grilling is a great way to cook items like hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks – but the fun doesn’t end there. How about making dessert on the grill as well?

Grilled S’mores

Remember eating s’mores around a campfire as a kid? Give your guests a taste of that nostalgia by serving s’mores as a fun dessert at the end of a grilling party:

  • Lay out graham crackers on a flat platter or tray near the grill. Allow at least one per guest (however, this delicious idea will probably be such a hit that you should be prepared for requests for more).
  • Place a large flameproof dish directly on the grill (the stainless steel kind used for roasting meat works well).
  • Add a few bags of marshmallows one at a time to the dish, until you have a gooey melted mixture.
  • Using two spoons, transfer a dollop of the melted mixture to each cracker.
  • While the marshmallow mixture is still hot, grate chocolate over each cracker (if possible enlist a helper – you spoon, they grate) or add a square of chocolate to each cracker.
  • Top with a second cracker and serve.

Yo ho ho … Dessert à la Pirate

Here’s a really simple, but also decadent and adventurous idea:

  • Throw a flameproof pan on the grill.
  • Melt some butter and slowly add brown sugar until it forms a thick, sticky sauce.
  • Finish off with a tot (or more) of rum.
  • Drop bite-sized chunks of firm fruit into the mixture and cook lightly.
  • Remove with a slotted spoon and allow the pieces to cool a little before serving.
  • If there are children (or non-pirates) present, you should probably have an alternative for them.
  • Make up a second mixture in another pan without the rum, and use that instead. If it tastes a little bland without the rum, add a pinch of powdered ginger (this can be added to the rum mixture as well, if you like).

Remember to wipe down the grilling surface and let the fat burn off a bit before starting work on the dessert. Grilled meat is great, and so are sweet, sticky desserts – but combining the flavors is not recommended.

Anyone for hot dog-flavored s’mores? Didn’t think so.