Raking Leaves vs Blowing Leaves: What is a Better Solution?

With the cool, crisp months of fall coming up right around the corner, certainly it is only a matter of time before leaves start changing colors and begin falling from the trees. This can be a beautiful time of year, but it also means that home and business owners alike need to find efficient ways of ridding those leaves from their properties. One common point of contention that property owners have regarding this practice is whether it is better to use a leaf blower or a rake to make this happen. Gaston Rentals can help explain how both leaf blowers and rakes are the ideal solutions.

Leaf Blowers
There are a number of advantages to using a leaf blower or renting a leaf blower. For starters, they reduce the amount of physical stress that a person puts on his or her body while attempting to get rid of the leaves themselves. All it takes is for you to rent a leaf blower, turn it on, and walk around with it pointed towards the leaves in order to work its magic. On the other hand, some people complain that leaf blowers do not actually get rid of the leaves but just scatter them around. They may not be using it the correct, most efficient way. Furthermore, some leaf blowers run on fuel, and everybody knows just how expensive fuel is these days while others are electric driven so a long extension cord will most definitely be required.

On the other hand, rakes involve a lot more physical labor in order to get rid of the leaves. Unfortunately, injuries are relatively common among those who use rakes; these injuries include strains, sprains, loss of breath, and sometimes even heart attack if a person is not careful and mindful of their physical well-being while raking. Of course, on the bright side, rakes make it easy to get leaves into one pile and do not require fuel to use while also providing some physical activity to get the heart rate up and muscles moving!

Overall, both rakes and leaf blowers can be excellent ways to take care of leaves on one’s property. In most peoples’ opinions, it is best to rent a leaf blower for getting leaves out of awkward places, such as around bushes and to complete the job faster. Upon using the leaf blower rental, a rake may suffice for the remainder of the work or organizing into a neat pile.

If you’re in need to rent a leaf blower this fall, please contact Gaston Rentals’ store locations in Gastonia, Mooresville, Hickory and Shelby for more information and pricing.