Rental Tools & Equipment to Avoid the Burden of Borrowing from Friends or Family

Have you ever noticed that your neighbor never answers the door when you want to borrow something? Do you get tired of going from door to door checking to see if SOMEONE in the neighborhood has the tool you need to borrow?

Just because you don’t own exactly the right tool or piece of equipment doesn’t mean you have to burden yourself with borrowing it.  You have the option of going to a rental store to rent equipment.  Just because you have a “one off” project, or your equipment is in the shop, doesn’t mean the project has to stop. Don’t buy a tile saw just to replace 2 tiles in the kitchen backsplash!

In general you can cost-effectively rent equipment. This can help you come in under budget on your project because of the time you save and the overhead you would extend were you to go out and buy it new or wait for it to be fixed.  Your local rental store has lots of rental equipment to choose from.  So, no matter what the job, indoor or outdoor, you can usually find just what you need at a decent price point.  Also, when you rent equipment and you need it off and on, you don’t have to find an extra place for storage.  This is an attractive consideration.  Planning your project to allow the budget to reflect a little rental could be a blessing or even save a friendship.