Renting a Backhoe from Gaston Rentals Can Do More Than You Think

The very first thing to do before digging is call Dig Safe, ( three working days before digging.

In the hands of a licensed operator, the backhoe is a surprisingly versatile piece of equipment. Not only can it perform a variety of tasks with its customary front loader and articulated backhoe bucket, it also has the option of switching them out with other attachments for assorted specialized jobs. Compared to manual labor, a backhoe loader provides a cheaper, faster, and safer means to accomplish numerous chores. Here’s a rundown of the big operations it’s perfect for.

Good Grades
Without special attachments, the backhoe loader is ideal for grading and leveling surfaces for driveways, foundation slabs, and similar paving tasks. Both the bucket and the front loader of the average backhoe rentals are well-suited for creating a flat surface. The wide bottom edge of the loader makes a fantastic grading plow for open areas. The bucket can also produce level surfaces in small, tight spaces.

Daily Grind
Sometimes, embedded objects in the ground might be more than the loader of a backhoe can handle. A good example would be a large tree stump. Even here, there’s an additional equipment rental option┬áto make short work of these problems. In place of the backhoe loader, a hydraulic stump grinder has the capability to eat away at even the toughest stumps.

Tear It Down
With its long-reaching, highly maneuverable arm, the backhoe is the right equipment rental for moderate-sized demolition jobs. This work can be especially hazardous for laborers relying on hand tools, not to mention very slow-going. Backhoe rentals, on the other hand, not only allow quick razing with the human operator at a safe distance, the front loader supplies a convenient way to clear the debris afterwards.

Contact Gaston Rentals to rent a backhoe today. It will save you time and money over the duration of your professional projects.