Take Action This Fall For a Better Yard In the Spring

Many people think of fall as the end of the landscaping season. However, the approach of cold weather does not mean all of the work is over. In fact, by following a few simple fall landscaping tips a homeowner can have a great looking lawn and landscape in the spring.

Aerate the Soil

Over time, the dirt in a yard becomes compacted from normal settlement, the weight of the lawn mower and foot traffic. It is difficult for grass and other plants to grow in this compacted soil. Growing in compacted soil is difficult as roots have a hard time pushing through the dirt, compacted soil does not hold much moisture and new nutrients do not penetrate into the soil. To alleviate the problem of compacted soil, the ground needs to be aerated. In small areas this can be done with a garden fork, while larger areas can be aerated with a spike aerator pulled behind a lawn tractor or a walk behind power aerator. A rental equipment company can provide aerators and other lawn and garden tool rentals to deal with compacted soil.

Plant Now 

Many flowers and other plants can be planted in the fall. The ground is often easier to dig in the fall than in the spring, making it an ideal time to plant. Seeds and bulbs will remain dormant through the winter and will begin growing as soon as warmer weather allows. Flowers and other plants that are planted in the fall will typically grow faster and bloom quicker than plants that are planted in the spring. This faster growth is often due to deeper root growth from the early planting time. Fall is also a great time for planting grass seed, particularly in bare areas.

Leave the Leaves 

Most people want to rake and remove leaves from their yard, but one of the best fall landscaping tips is to the leave the leaves on the lawn. Leaves that are left to rot will provide nutrients to the soil. Leaves that pile up in flower beds are also harmless. The loose leaves will not harm plants and will even provide a layer of protection for perennial plants which can help them to grow more quickly when winter is over. For those who do not like the looks of leaves in the yard, mulching the leaves can chop the leaves into small pieces where they are not as visible. A rental equipment company can provide mulchers and other lawn and garden tool rentals to help process leaves.