The Advantages of Using a Chipper/Shredder

The article from Canadian Gardening, “Mulchers, Chippers, and Shredders Can Reduce Yard Waste and Make Beautiful Mulch Too,” presents some good arguments for getting hold of one of a chipper or shredder. The basic idea is that if you find yourself disposing of stray branches, limbs of shrubs, grass clippings, leaves, withered vines, and cane, why not  use a chipper/shredder to turn this “waste” into A-grade fuel for your garden instead of throwing it away and contributing to landfill? If you don’t have a property the size of those referred to in the article, then the idea, I suppose, is to collect this material over time, instead of incrementally disposing of it. You almost certainly wouldn’t need to buy one of these machines (again, unless you had a sizable property); all you’d need to do is hire one from your local garden equipment rental store when you’d collected enough waste to make it worthwhile. You might decide it’s time, for example, after a storm has come through and ripped branches off every second tree in your street. You’ll not only be a very popular neighbor – you’ll have garden fertilizer for the next decade!