The Right Way to Host an Outdoor Wedding Reception

Being out under the stars is both romantic and adventurous. It is no wonder that having an outdoor wedding reception is high on the list of wants for many brides. There are many public parks and private gardens that are perfect for the venue, but it takes a bit more logistical planning and specialized wedding supplies to guarantee success. Equipment designed to make outdoor events elegant, comfortable and safe make all the difference when a wedding reception will be held outdoors.

Wedding Reception Tents
Wedding tent rentals are different than tents used for fairs, carnivals and other outdoor events. These tents are designed with the elegance of a wedding in mind. Tents can be installed with flexible walls that have windows and decorative ceilings. Modern tent structures for outdoor weddings can be set up to serve as a chapel where vows are exchanged and the place where the reception is held with plenty of room for the caterer and guests. Sizing can be adjusted to accommodate large or small gatherings.

Outdoor Climate Control
Portable air conditioning and heating units can tame the heat of summer or the chill of an unexpected cold front that would otherwise ruin an outdoor wedding. The commercial air conditioning and heating units are powered by their own self-contained engines. Flexible ducts are installed to carry the cool or heated air into the area where guests are gathered.

Outdoor events used to have to deal with insufficient or drab lighting. That is no longer the case. The highlight of elegance in the center of an outdoor wedding reception tent can be a chandelier. The interior of tents can be illuminated in a manner equal to the finest indoor banquet facilities. Exterior areas can have safety lighting installed to keep guests safe.

Power Generation
Every wedding needs electricity, but outdoor weddings used to be limited to just the power that a few extension cords could bring. Portable power generators can provide electricity for the caterer and the DJ or band as well as the lighting that is needed. This allows an outdoor wedding reception to be held in places where no power source is otherwise available.

Outdoor Wedding Extras
The list of wedding supplies needed for an outdoor wedding includes a solid dance floor. Heels, dirt and dancing are not a good mix. Portable solid flooring can be installed to cover a dance floor area. Elevated risers are also available for bands, DJs and other entertainment options or for the head table of the bride, groom and bridal party. Another great information article about outdoor weddings and where to rent equipment can be found here.

Today’s wedding tent rentals are nothing like tents from years ago. Within hours, an outdoor space from a backyard to large open field can be transformed into an elegant wedding chapel and reception area with electricity, climate control, a stage and a dance floor. This greatly increases the places where a reception can be held, eliminating scheduling conflicts with other reception halls that have limited available dates.