Things to Do with Fall Leaves from Our Landscaping Rental Company

We don’t call it “fall” for nothing. If lots of leaves have fallen in your yard, why not put them to good use right at home? Below are six ideas on recycling your fall leaves.

Make (Free!) Compost or Mulch

Did you know that the leaves from one large, shady tree can pack as many nutrients as a $50 bag of plant food? To make sure your leaves break down efficiently, consider adding a compost component with high levels of nitrogen (manure and Agrinite are two good options). Also, remember to shred your leaves to prevent them from blowing in the wind. Remember to turn your pile over every few days, and you’ll have a rich compost in a matter of weeks.

Make a Playground for Kids

Sure, it probably means doing the same work twice, but it’s worth it to watch kids and dogs have the time of their lives leaping into huge leaf piles. There are only two dangers to watch out for; one, make sure there aren’t any rocks or hidden dangers under the leaves that might injure little jumpers. And two, if your dog uses the yard as his bathroom, this might not be a great idea, as there might be feces in some of the leaves.

Use a Yard Waste Collection Service

The worst thing you can do with fall leaves is leave them out by the curb for the garbage collectors. Leaves thrown in the garbage usually go to a landfill, where organic matter contributes to landfill gas, the third largest source of human-related methane emissions in the U.S. Yard waste collection programs, on the other hand, send fallen leaves into large-scale composting facilities, where they are recycled into a nutrient-rich soil supplement along with other organic waste. If you’re reading this, you’re already online, so take a few seconds to search whether there is a leaf collection service in your city!

Insulate Plants and Vegetables

Leaves can be used to insulate tender plants from the cold. Simply circle the plants with wire fencing, and stuff leaves all the way around them. In the spring, rake them up and toss them in the compost pile. If you have a root cellar or storage basement, you can also store the vegetables in dry leaves, rather than sawdust or newspaper. They will easily last through winter—just make sure they are clean (i.e. pet feces free) and dry.

Build a “Lasagna” Garden

A lasagna garden is a garden whose purpose is to build soil, not grow plants. According to The Spruce, “Lasagna gardening is a no-dig, no-till organic gardening method that results in rich, fluffy soil with very little work from the gardener.” To start your dirt farm, simply place cardboard over top of the weeds, wet it down, and then add layers of organic material such as grass clippings and leaves on top. Come spring, you’ll have a thriving soil ecosystem to take advantage of.

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