Tips for Renting a Trencher & How to Avoid Trenching Troubles

There are different tools and equipment that you can use to dig a trench. When you only need to dig a rather shallow trench that is just a few feet in length, it may be most cost-effective to simply get out a hand trenching tool like a trench shovel. However, when you need to dig a longer or deeper trench, trencher rentals from a construction equipment rental company are the ideal solution. Before you rent a walk behind trencher or another type of trencher, however, you should learn more about the options available to you.

The Different Types of Equipment
When you begin looking for a reputable construction equipment rental company to work with, you understandably want to find a company that offers the type of equipment you need to invest in. For example, you may want to rent a walk behind trencher for personal use at home. This is an affordable option that may enable you to dig the trench you need with minimal time and effort, but it may lack the optional accessories that you need for some types of trench work. You may consider a ride-on trencher for assistance with more significant types of trench work. For example, a skid steer loader with a trencher attachment may be effective for digging larger trenches or for times when you need to dig a trench through embedded rock.

Safety Tips for Your Trencher
Trench work can be challenging and even dangerous for a number of reasons, but you can minimize the challenges by following a few tips. Before you use your trencher rentals at home or on a work site, take time to inspect the work area thoroughly. Look for any signs of tree roots or underground utilities. When you run into buried electrical lines, gas lines or water lines, your project may become increasingly more dangerous, complicated and even costly. Some types of trencher teeth are not designed to cut through embedded rock, frozen ground or other harder surfaces, so it is important that you select the right accessories and trencher teeth for the task at hand.

Whether you need to dig a trench for landscaping work, gardening tasks or other types of projects, trencher rentals may be the perfect way to make light work of a difficult task. Contact a construction equipment rental company today to learn more about the types of equipment and tools that may be suitable for your project.