Tips on Throwing the Perfect Bounce Castle Party

Bouncer castles are becoming a popular attraction at children’s parties these days! Bouncer rentals are a great way for the kids to be entertained for long periods of time at little cost. Here are some tips to throwing a perfect bouncy castle party – one your kids will remember for a lifetime!

Pick the Perfect Bouncer
There are many different types and styles of bouncers available. When looking at options for bouncer rentals, consider choosing one that fits with your party’s theme: princess, medieval, waterslide, and clown themes are a few examples.

Consider the Guests
The age, gender, and number of users should be considered for your bouncer rentals. Knowing these factors will help to determine the size and style of bouncer rental you’ll need for the party, since they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Determine How Much Space You Can Spare
Though bouncers are a great feature for a party, you don’t want it to take up the entire backyard. Make sure to choose bouncer rentals that are large enough for the party users, but compact enough to allow guests who aren’t using the bouncer to have ample space to move around and have fun. If you are unsure of what size bouncer to rent, talk to the rental company. They will help you determine the best size for your party.

Safety First
Always ensure that the bouncer users are adhering to the safety protocols of the bouncer rentals. Making safety a priority is the key to ensuring that everyone has the best time on the bouncy castle!