Tips to Aerate and Reseed Your Lawn This Fall

After a long growing season and plenty of use, a lawn needs some TLC. Reseeding and using a lawn aerator is imperative to keep it healthy and lush.

Core aeration is the practice of removing small cylindrical cores, or plugs, of soil and thatch, which is the top layer of organic material, from one’s lawn. Using a lawn aerator allows more air, water, and nutrients to reach the grass’s roots, creating a greener, more vigorous lawn.

Less than an half inch of thatch acts as a blanket, but more weakens the lawn and encourages disease and insect problems. As long as the ground is not frozen, the plugs will dissolve, and the microorganisms in the plugs will help compost thatch, which reduces soil compaction and improves soil quality.

There are a variety of aerator rentals available to suit your needs, budget, and lawn size. Many aerator rentals include special features, such as self-propulsion, to make aerating your lawn a breeze.

Overtime, lawns get patchy and worn down and require reseeding. Begin by removing dead grass and loosening the soil. Purchase high-quality grass seed that is disease resistant, has a high-germination rate, and contains little filler. Broadcast the seed, rake it into the soil, and keep it moist. Avoid heavy traffic until the lawn gets established, but do mow regularly. Choose a fall fertilizer appropriate to your type of grass, to keep it safe and sound throughout winter.

Fall is a lawn’s time to prepare for winter rest. Don’t neglect to tuck it in so that it can awake healthy and refreshed in spring. And don’t forget to contact Gaston Rentals for all your lawn aerator rentals and reseeding equipment rentals this fall to help make your full yard look the best it can while being as healthy and fruitful as it can.