Top 10 Trends for Wedding Rentals in 2018

This year’s hottest wedding trends involve marrying traditional concepts with modern touches. Wedding planners suggest pairing bold colors with soft, muted tones and complementing wedding cakes with mouthwatering desserts. We track these trends so we can help you fuse these elements together on your special day.

  1. Color Palette

Since Pantone named Ultraviolet the color of the year, couples have opted to incorporate the shade into their wedding décor. The shade is symbolic of intrigue, limitless boundaries, and new horizons.

  1. Chic Spaces

Instead of traditional reception spaces, brides are selecting unexpected places like museums, sheltered rooftops, and industrial lofts to perform their nuptials. Consider Kings Mountain wedding tents to add your own unique flair.

  1. Translucent Touches

Lucite signs, translucent tents, and acrylic chairs stand out without distracting from the wedding décor. For a look that is both striking and modern, opt for Kings Mountain wedding tents to wow your guests. You can rent as few as 2-3 wedding tables and chairs to accommodate the wedding party.

  1. Interactive Food Stations

Food is becoming part of the entertainment. Kings Mountain wedding rentals can create an assortment of sweet surprises for guests to enjoy between dances.

  1. Pushing the Envelope

Make a statement with Plexiglas invites, geometric-shaped proclamations, and tri-color announcements.

  1. Dramatic Backdrops

Keep an eye out for towering floral arrangements, geometric structures, hanging plants and dangling lights.

  1. Creative Signage

Point the way with directional signage made of acrylic, wood, or chalkboard.

  1. Signature Foods and Drinks

Consult with Kings Mountain Catering to put your own spin on food and drink recipes.

  1. Edible Wedding Favors

Instead of giving guests matchbooks to toss in a drawer, send them home with something they can eat after the reception like an artfully packaged mini fruit-flavored pie.

  1. Photo-sharing Apps

Look for Photo-sharing apps that allow guests to upload photos from the wedding to an online album.

Kings Mountain wedding rentals can help you incorporate the latest trends into your wedding. It does it matter if you only need 2-3 wedding tables and chairs for an intimate setting, or hundreds of pieces for a large gathering. Maybe you want to start your own trend. We can help with that, too. Give us a call today to find out how.