Top 10 Wedding Color Schemes & Table Ideas

One of the best parts of planning a wedding is selecting decorations. Couples have limitless options to choose from; they can utilize wedding planning services to cater to their personal style or attempt to do it all on their own. Either way, our Gaston Rentals wedding planning team has compiled the top ten 2015 wedding trends for color schemes and tables for your consideration. It is important to visit our showroom to see the colors we stock. A view of the colors on a website may vary from the actual colors and textures. The showrooms in Gaston Rentals in Mooresville and Gastonia have the most complete selection of colors.

1. Classic

One of the most striking wedding color schemes is black, white, and red. Red roses in glass vases make excellent centerpieces. Choose round tables adorned with flawless white tablecloths.

2. Earthy

A new twist on classic is the combination of sage green, dark brown, and white. These earthy hues have a gentle feel, yet their contrast is dynamic. Use square tables and interesting natural centerpieces, such as wooden planters with edible greens.

3. Balanced

The coolness of navy and pure white is balanced by the warmth of lemony yellow. Try incorporating white lace, china dishes, and yellow roses into this theme. Comfortable, round tables set with delicate teacakes hint of old-fashioned tea parties.

4. Sweet and Wild

One of the most surprising 2015 weddings trends is coral, peach, and powder blue. They are an unlikely combination… yet they pair together delectably! Adorn tables with wildflowers or potpourri. Rectangular tables are a common favorite for outdoor weddings.

5. Country Elegance

Burlap ribbon has become a highly desirable material for rural weddings. It pairs nicely with sunflowers for fall. Rectangular tables offer a relaxed, family-style feel.

6. Summer Sunshine

Champagne and raspberry are fun and youthful, reverberating the ripeness of summertime. Keep champagne colors pale, but vary raspberry from dark to light to create interest. Round tables represent the carefree feeling and full sun we value in summertime.

7. Ice Kingdom

One of the most beautiful, delicate winter wedding color schemes is periwinkle, snow white and silver. Awe guests with glittering, metallic details. Seat guests at cozy round tables to help counterbalance the chilliness of the season.

8. Tropical Blush

Let your wedding glow with the punchy colors of the tropics—hot pink, orange, and yellow. Flowers should include hibiscus and plumeria. Beach weddings usually feature rectangular tables for relaxed seating.

9. Majestic Simplicity

The combination of forest green & ivory is elegant and bold with an almost ethereal feel. Accent this theme with golden or jewel-colored accessories and rectangular tables reminiscent of medieval times.

10. Desert Rose

Dusty rose and khaki are great colors for a rural wedding. They pair nicely with a Southwestern theme and cowboy boots. Rent round, high-top tables for old saloon-style seating.

If wedding planning is making you feel overwhelmed, make use of your loved ones and our party/ event specialists. When you visit our party specialists ask for you wedding planning checklist.