Top Outdoor Power Tools You Can Rent from Our Mooresville NC Rental Company

Now that fall is on its way, you’re probably gearing up to tackle your yard before it becomes a mess of twigs and leaves. While lawn mowers and string trimmers get a lot of use, however, there are some specialized outdoor lawn tools which are only needed a couple times a year—or just one time only. Below are some landscaping tools which are far better to rent than buy. Save space in the garage and money in the bank with Gaston Rentals this year!

Mooresville Boom Lift Rental

A boom lift, also called an aerial work platform or aerial lift, allows you to reach the very tops of trees and houses to trim branches, paint your exterior, or apply siding material. They are much safer than ladders, and can generally lift you 37 ft. into the air and pivot 360 degrees. If you decide to rent a boom lift from our Mooresville rental store, make sure to rent a safety harness as well.

Mooresville Posthole Digger Rental

If you ever had to dig fence postholes as a teenager, you know what a grueling job it can be. Power posthole diggers save you all that backbreaking work and let you get a jump-start on your project. While there are “two-man” posthole diggers available on the market, they are difficult to handle, tending to toss you and your partner around. Instead, we recommend renting a one-person trailer-mounted digger, which can be used by one person with minimal guidance. Be aware that you will likely need a lawn tractor or truck to move the machine to the next hole.

Mooresville Power Trencher Rental

A power trencher can dig a trench for cable or gas lines in just a few hours, rather the manual method, which requires days of hard labor. Standard models can dig down as much as 24 or 36 inches, and are self-propelled, so they don’t need to be pulled. Steering a power trencher around curves will still be a workout, however.

Mooresville Backpack Leaf Blower Rental

Many homeowners already own a leaf blower. However, a commercial-grade backpack leaf blower will do things a smaller blower can’t. Firstly, a commercial-grade backpack unit throws out an enormous amount of power, allowing you to clear more leaves, faster. It can also peel wet leaves off the ground, blast out debris that’s stuck in cracks, and move a mountain of leaves in one pass. And with the gas engine strapped to your back, you can do it all more comfortably than with a handheld model.

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