Turf Specialist’s Tips for Best Lawn Results

Target keywordIowa State University horticulture/turf specialist Dr. Nick Christians gives a brief overview of basic steps that you might take to increase the health of your lawn. The two most important pieces of equipment you’ll need for a lawn makeover, he says, are an aerator and an overseeder. You’ll only need to do a job like this once or twice a year, so it’s a good idea to hire these tools from your local outdoor equipment rental store. The aerator will open up the surface of your lawn, creating space for moisture to permeate and the seeds to penetrate below the surface. There’s no point in dropping the seeds on the surface of the grass, says Dr. Christians, because the seeds will “germinate in the thatch layer and die, so you’ll have to get the seed down into the soil.” The solution is a machine called an overseeder. The overseeder works by once more penetrating the surface of the turf and planting the seeds at an optimal distance below the surface. With a little bit of moisture, and time, you can expect a healthy new lawn. It’s as easy as that.