What Do You Do If Your Basement Floods

When a homeowner has a basement that gets flooded, he or she will have a major problem on their hands. While true, in the long run, one should have a plan to make sure they keep things in order and under control if this situation arises. With that being said, here is a short guide to follow when one has to deal with a basement flood.

Use a Water Pump

First and foremost, when dealing with a lot of water, one will need a water pump for the most efficient cleaning and water removal available. Homeowners can use a bucket to get rid of water in the short run, but we recommend renting a water pump. The tool rental company will match the right style pump for your job. Luckily, when using a water pump, a homeowner can clean up his or her basement and get rid of most of the water, all within a few hours. With that being said, while water pump rentals are useful, one will have to take it further if they want to get rid of all the water in their basement.

Use a Dehumidifier

When dealing with a lot of water in the house, using a water pump will get most of it removed in a speedy manner, but this is not the only issue a homeowner will have to deal with. Simply put, when there is a lot of water in the basement, you will unfortunately have to deal with residual and remaining moisture in the floors, carpets, walls and furniture. Luckily, with a dehumidifier, you can remove all the excess water with ease. To get started, find a local rental store that has dehumidifier rentals so they can watch as the water is removed from the air (a dehumidifier is more efficient at warmer temperatures). Otherwise, the home will surely develop mold and other issues affecting its overall value and safety.

Use a Carpet Cleaning Machine & Space Heaters

Finally, when cleaning up a basement after a flood, you will need some other tools to get the job done right. Think about it, water is devastating to a structure if not handled with haste and efficiency. We recommend working with a local equipment and tool rental company to rent items like a carpet cleaner and a space heater. The carpet cleaners will void the carpets of any excess moisture while also getting and stains removed that may have formed during the flood. A space heater helps keep the air warm and assists the dehumidifier in sucking up all the water in the air.

A basement flood is a big problem, and one must go out of their way to clean it all up. With a lot of hard work and the right tools, a homeowner can clean everything up and move on with their life.