What Questions You Should Ask Your Equipment Rental Specialist Before a DIY Scaffolding Job?

The online DIY magazine The Family Handyman offers some sound safety advice in their article “How to Work with Scaffolding Safely.” The article raises a few important points about information one should seek when renting the scaffolding.

The first step described in the article is to find a suitable store to rent the scaffolding. Find an equipment rental store with a specialist who’ll be able to give you informed advice. You should describe the details of the job that you plan to do, and select an appropriate scaffold with the help of the specialist. Step two offers advice on assembling your scaffold. Again, at the point of renting the scaffold, make sure that you request and receive a detailed and clear set of instructions. Step three involves adding planks and guardrails, and the final step covers scaffolding tips and accessories. You may be able to hire the appropriate accessories at the store where you rented your scaffold, so ask for these items, too. The take-home message: before you even leave the rental store with your scaffolding, make the most of the specialist serving you!