What to Know Before You Buy or Rent a Tiller

As the summer season ends, it is time for many gardeners to remove old vegetation like dying tomato plants from small garden spaces to make room for fall and winter crops. Small, decaying vegetation not removed from the land is used as natural mulch to enrich the garden during the winter. Once the land is sufficiently cleared, gardeners prepare their land for planting new crops in several ways that include tilling, reduced tilling, and no till methods. One of the oldest and most popular choices of garden plot preparation is tilling. Gardeners do this via a tractor attachment or an actual garden tiller machine. Here are a few garden tilling tips to consider before starting.

Match Your Tiller To Your Gardening Needs
Tiller rentals encompass small, front tine tillers and cultivators that are perfect for small garden plots to powerful, rear tine tillers designed to tackle larger garden areas. Also large tillers with powerful motors many times have a self-propelled feature that helps gardeners break up sod, heavy dirt, and rocky soil. Selecting the right tiller depends on whether one wants to cultivate a garden, control weeds, work in amendments to soil, or prepare totally new garden and flower beds in a small or large garden plot.

Deciding To Rent Versus Buy A Garden Tiller
After identifying the type of tiller needed for the job at hand, one must decide the cost effectiveness of renting versus buying a garden tiller. Usually, casual gardeners who use tillers once or twice a year need only rent a tiller. The initial cost of purchasing a tiller and the ongoing maintenance costs simply do not justify the purchase of a garden tiller used infrequently.

Research How To Operate The Chosen Tiller
Researching operations of the rented garden tiller prior to signing an contract agreement is one of the most important garden tilling tips for gardeners on a budget. Most tiller rentals function in basically the same way, but one should know how to operate the specific machinery in advance before deciding to rent a tiller. The internet has made this activity a little easier with information distributed by experts via blogs and even YouTube instructional videos.