When Does It Make Sense to Rent Equipment Rather Than Buy It?

If you can’t afford to buy it outright, or if you will only need the tools, machines, or other items for a certain length of time, then it makes sense to rent equipment rather than buy it.

For businesses, and especially smaller businesses, there are further benefits. Renting equipment only as needed, rather than purchasing items outright, avoids tying up cash flow to pay off the equipment or incurring debt to finance the purchase.

For the amateur handyman/DIY enthusiast working on a specific project, renting is ideal. For example, there is no point investing in a backhoe when most of the time a shovel is adequate. Why not simply rent the backhoe for the duration of the specific project for which you need it?

Equipment for the following activities can be easily rented:

  • Materials handling
  • Construction
  • Home maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Gardening
  • Handyman/DIY