Why You Should Rent a Concrete Batching System for Small DIY Projects

A small concrete batching system is the ideal system for a do-it-yourself homeowner, a contractor or a public utility that wants a small patio, sidewalk or slab. This system is designed to pour a yard or less of concrete within a portable concrete mixer which can be towed behind a truck. If needed, this is an efficient way to take small quantities of concrete to different locations around a work site.

The method of using a dry-batch loading system poured into one-yard portable concrete mixing trailers results in saving money and time compared to trucking in ready-mix concrete. It is often difficult to get scheduling for a small batch if you order from a company with large concrete trucks. Additionally, with the one yard system, there are no large, noisy trucks traveling through a quiet neighborhood, the system is efficient and very friendly to the environment, and this batching and there is much less impact on roads, driveways and sidewalks.

Using the original paddle-style mixer and small single axle tub trailers in the delivery of ready-mixed concrete started in the 1960s. Auger mixers were developed during the 1980s but were still extremely slow and very messy to clean up. Also, the delivery trailers were very different from the modern portable concrete mixers of today.

You will find this concrete batching system located in the Light Industrial or Commercial zone of your community, which makes it very convenient for your occasional small job. Selling freshly batched concrete is a way of bringing in more customers to existing businesses such as a construction equipment rental company, a lumber yard, a landscape material yard or similar companies.