Winterize Your Home with Our Useful Checklist

DIY projects for winterizing your home can help to keep your family more comfortable and can save you money over the winter months. Many of these projects can be done in your spare time over the weekend. A local tool rental company can provide the additional help you need to implement these home winterize tips to prepare for the rough weather ahead. For hard to reach areas consider ladders or staging for an easier and safer project. Those living in NC, where nearly $1.8 billion leaves the state to pay for imported coal, we all want to save money and with we can help reduce the import of coal to heat our homes with less energy usage by implementing these energy efficient tips today.

Attic Insulation
Adding additional insulation can help to keep your living areas toasty. A number of different types of insulation are available. Some of these require special equipment that is available at your local tool rental company.

Window Caulking
Check around window frames for gaps that can allow cold drafts into your home. Caulking these areas is the easiest way to ensure that the cold air stays outside and the warm air stays inside, so that your family stays comfortable in any room.

Weather Stripping Around Doors
Ensure that your exterior doors are adequately sealed to prevent cold winds from entering. Add a rubber door strip to open areas at the bottom of the door. Ensure that the doorframe has a tight seal between construction materials by caulking visible gaps.

Clearing Gutters
Gutters can be particularly important in winter, when sudden thaws and freezes can cause ice dams that may damage roof materials and cause leaking into the home. Clean out debris, make repairs and ensure that connections are secure.

Remove Tree Branches From Roof & Windows
Remove tree branches that overhang roofs or hang too close to windows. These branches may cause damage when laden with wet snow or ice. Rent a Powered Pole Saw to reach overhanging branches

Check Walking Areas
Repair broken areas of sidewalk and driveway that can cause hazards when covered with ice and snow.  If your walkway is uneven one our grinders can be used to remove trip hazards.